A Deserving Drink

Walk into our bar, have a glass of chilled beer or a glass of golden whiskey as the weather dictates, may be a sip of red wine or just drag off from a kiwi flavoured hookah in the smoking area outside the bar.

Note: We do not support the above activities. But if you would like to avail of it, we provide you the space and ambience for it.

Delectable Dining

A night with your family? Whether it’s Chinese, Indian or Italian, we bring it all to you, the most delicious food in Golaghat. And yes, that’s a statement you would like to hold us to. Come and enjoy the food we offer as you enjoy the delights of dining with friends and family.

A Meet up After Ages

A day out with an even larger group? We host that as well! Birthday parties, farewells’, meetings and tea tasting sessions. Give us the honour of toasting for you. Experience our warm ambience and the absolute charm of our architecture while you are at it.

A Cosy Stay

When you live with us, you become special and special amenities favour you. Whether it’s a workout in the gym or a swim in the pool. A drink in the bar or a quick pizza in the restaurant. Come, stay with us. Experience understanding and our complete enthusiasm.

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