The Grand Times

Our History
Live the good times once again at Golaghat Gymkhana. Nestled in the heart of the town our 112-year-old heritage property welcomes you to its old-world charm where you relax amidst the verdant greens, tuck into delicious food and sip cocktails at our elegant bar. Come together at our party halls and banish your weariness thereafter in our rooms. And if this wasn’t enough flex your muscles in the gym, take a dip in the pool. Simply just stroll around well-manicured lawns and stay engrossed in the sophistication of our ambience. A one-and-a-half-hour drive from Kaziranga National Park we have been delivering low key elegance since 2013 .

The Grand Entrance

Ornate pillars with old British architecture greet you at the entrance as you relive the romance of yesteryears. Partake of our hospitality as we welcome you into our spacious lobby with our associates to assist you every step of the way.

The Restaurant

Cuisines Indian and Chinese are what we offer you at our restaurant Camellia. Taste our homestyle chicken curries and sample the local fish specially ordered and cooked perfectly to suit your taste buds. Cottage cheeses sourced fresh daily add to the list of vegetarian delights. 

The Bar

An inventive menu of high-end spirits and a variety of beers, linger long and dream big over your glass at our bar Taurus with the choicest of snacks waited upon by attentive staff.

The Banquet

Green Leaf party hall makes a delightful first impression overlooking a well-manicured lawn as its hosts guests up to 60. Prominent forefathers of three successive generations find a place of pride on one wall as they make you reminiscent of the elegant times of yore starting sombre conversations. 

Golden Tips

Our latest addition Golden Tips is 800 sq. feet and opens up into the quaint small lawn. Soak up the outside as you meet and greet inside absolutely living it up in this perfect environment combo.

The Small Lawn

A magical experience, a place where memories are meant to be made, our small lawn offers tranquil respite from the humdrum of the town. Watch the lights of the bar across glitter, as glasses clink in toasts to the accompaniment of cheer and laughter.

The Outside

Celebrations our party space is a tempting invite to have an impromptu open air gathering or a planned one. Squat around having tete a tetes with friends or just lie sprawled on the greens. Click photographs against the beautiful backdrop and of course inhale deeply.

The Lobby

Sit with a book or scroll your phone in our simple yet comfortable lobby. Check the time on the wall clock more than a hundred years old, get going once it chimes and takes you on to a million possibilities of the future!

The Rooms