Dalowjan Tea Estate Pictures

Tourists staying at Golaghat Gymkhana can take an early evening tour of the beautiful teagarden of Dalowjan T.E which is 12 kms and twenty minutes away. Incidentally, it is the home of the proprietor of Golaghat Gymkhana. The lush gardens provide a quiet getaway for tourists as they are taken around the garden by the manager on a field trip. Tourists can get off the gypsy and have a firsthand experience at tea plucking.They then come to the factory and are taken in and around the dryers and machines by the assistant manager who explains to them the finer aspects of tea - making. Tourists can also sample different grades of tea. The journey ends with tea and snacks at the proprietor's bungalow.

Another attraction in the garden is horse riding. Both 'Shutter - fly' and 'Orom' take tourists around the garden along the trails if so desired by them. An area in the middle of the garden allows horse riders to ride in this riding ring.